Thursday, 18 May 2017

Makeup Must Haves - L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara!

I always get so excited when I see hight street brands releasing new products. The minute I saw L'Oreal's latest mascara offering, Miss Baby Roll, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The name of this mascara had my attention at first. Miss Baby Roll? What does that even mean? Nevertheless, Baby Roll sounds rather adorable but I don't think the name tells you much about the product. Miss Baby Roll comes in four unique and exciting colours! There is plain old black and there is also a waterproof option in black for us classic makeup loving girls. The shades Bright Teal, Indigo and Liliac are for more daring and bold makeup lovers. I got my Baby Roll in black.

First of all, the packaging is simple but cute. Packaged in a black tube, the black mascara design is accompanied by a gorgeous pastel pink and mint lid. The colour theme of each shade is unique to each mascara so for instance, if you get the shade Teal, the packaging is teal and pink! It's so pretty, I'm considering going out of my comfort zone to buy the Indigo. The wand is different for the standard mascara, it's more rounded and L'Oreal describes this as a ''roller brush''!

Now, onto the product! I'm going to jump right into this and say that this is probably one of the best mascara's I've used. L'Oreal never let me down with their mascara offerings and Miss Baby Roll has lived up to my very high expectations! A few coats of this baby and my lashes literally look false. Doing my bottom lashes is just the best with this mascara wand because even my lower lashes look really long and separated. The formula doesn't clump so you don't get the dreaded 'spider legs eyelashes'. This mascara is for anyone that wants their eyelashes to look super long and curled. The mascara is super black too so that's always an added bonus!

The verdict - Long, cured eyelashes that LAST. ALL. DAY!

I'm already nearing the end of my Miss Baby Roll, it seems to have run out quite quickly which is a bummer. It costs £7.99 but Superdrug have a 2 for 3 deal on L'Oreal products at the moment so ladies, we all know where we're going this weekend!

What is your favourite mascara? Let us know in the comments! 
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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Casual but Definitely 'Me'.

 Bag - Primark
Tights - Primark
Choker - Forever 21
Jumper - Primark
Pink Top - Boohoo
Silver Shorts - Boohoo
Boots - River Island

Hello to all our lovely readers. It's been a bit of a rough week this week (let's not even get into it yet.) What's better than to sit down with a cup of tea, write a blog post and just relax? It's nice to get lost inside the world of blogging. I'm bringing you another outfit post today and although it's casual it's still very much 'me'. I love this silver shorts from Boohoo. They're actually running shorts but I wear them just for everyday wear! As if I'm going to wear shorts this pretty for working out. 

Is everyone else still obsessed with clothes with the corset, lace-up effect? I'm sure the certain design has a proper name but to me, it looks corset-like so we will stick with that for now. The jumper I'm wearing from Primark is one of my ultimate, comfy but stylish picks. It looks amazing while keeping me cosy. What's not to love about that?! I love the pop of pink coming through too from my top from Boohoo.
Do you guys like my little blue/green bag? I don't know if I'm colour blind but I think it's blue while my mum thinks it's green... what do you think? Whatever the colour it's still gorgeous and reminds me of a mermaids tail. 

I don't know if you can see my choker but it's see through with holes in it. It's hard to describe but I thought it looked so cyber! I'll probably do more outfit posts featuring this choker so keep your eyes peeled if you want to see it in all it's cyber glory!

On a side note I've just eaten vegan ice cream that doesn't contain banana - it was the creamiest ice cream ever and tasted so good. It was two ingredients were chocolate and nuts too! It was by the amazing dairy free brand Alpro and the flavour was Hazelnut chocolate! Try it everyone because you won't regret it! 

How is your week going? Let us know!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Greece, Corfu - A Historical Beauty Spot of Paradise.

Travelling is something I've never really experienced. I've been to Devon a lot, Scotland once and Wales a few times and to Turkey twice but that's it. I've always had a fear of flying - you've all heard the horror stories and my dad used to always watch Aircrash Investigation so my fears only increased haha! Also, mental health struggles prevented me from living and experiencing many things in life. I wasted my teen years on being sick and mentally ill - I couldn't help being sick but it's the truth. But this year I had an epiphany. What if I could fight my fears of change and flying? What if I could actually witness the beauty of the world with my own eyes and not through someone elses Instagram? I never thought I'd do it but I was sick of not having a good time and not having memories. So, me, Rachel and our lovely mum went to Corfu together. It was the perfect place to go. It wasn't too far away (only three hours on the plane) and the views are just mesmerizing - the beauty of the clear blue seas, the white caves, the culture... the island of Corfu seemed idyllic and I wanted my first holiday abroad in over five years to be in Greece. 

Now, it's safe to say that I'm completely besotted with the place, in fact me, Rachel and my mum are all in love with Greece. The culture, the absolutely lovely people, the incredible sights... not to mention my new found love for Greek Mythology! My dad actually studied Greek Mythology in University for a year. I'm obsessed with all things mythical so it makes sense that I love reading about the historical Greek myths. We took a boat to Paxos and went inside Poseidon's cave - God of the Sea. I encourage everyone to get into Greek mythology, it's fascinating!

I hope you enjoy all the photos in this post! I've included photos from our boat trip to Paxos and Anti-Paxos which isn't too far from Corfu. The waters were so clear and the island looked like something from a fairy tale.
We stayed in the four star hotel Aquis Sandy Beach and it was amazing in there. It was the most lavish place I've ever stayed in to be honest! We went all inclusive so we took advantage of the opportunity to eat as much Greek food as possible! I've now discovered I really like Greek salad - feta cheese is just delicious. But the hotel had a wide variety of food to chose from so everyone can find something to enjoy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were just my favourite times of the day - somethings never change - even when in Corfu :) When we went to Paxos, we found the loveliest cafe and had crepes, nutella and ice cream! I would of took a photo but come on, I couldn't wait to stuff my face with crepes!

One of the best parts of staying at Aquis Sandy Beach was that the hotel is literally on the beach! and the beach is absolutely gorgeous. The sand is soft and golden and the sea was so blue. It was amazing. I could of happily of stayed in the hotel grounds the whole week as there were three pools, daily exercises classes, a spa/beauty treatments and there was even a gym! It was like a little town inside the hotel, there were shops, a hairdressers and a jewelry shop too! It was incredible.

Now as I'm sitting back at home writing this, I haven't really got the holiday blues. Why? because I know for certain that I'll never deprive myself of travelling again. As we speak, we're already planning our next holiday for later this year and I'm already so excited! I always thought you'd need tons of money to be able to go away but this holiday cost us £300 per person - how amazing is that?!

I might have the travel bug now but Corfu will always have a very special place in my heart.

Where is your favourite place to travel to? Have you ever been to Corfu or any other Greek island? let us know in the comments!

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Fishnet Queen

Fishnet Jumper - Boohoo | Fishnet Leggings - Boohoo | Boots - ASOS

Have you ever noticed that wearing mesh clothing or fishnet tights makes you feel incredible and like a bad ass bitch? They're just so sexy and they look so cool. I absolutely love wearing fishnet tights but sometimes, tights aren't enough. I needed more fishnet goodness in my life. Who do I turn to in my hour of need? Boohoo of course. Boohoo came to my rescue as always because lets face it, Boohoo is the best website going. 

This whole outfit cost me just £11! I don't think I've entered something as fast into my shopping bag as I did with these leggings and jumper.  

This is my favorite outfit in the whole entire world. Yes, I say that quite a lot about my outfits but no, this time I mean it. I feel like this jumper and these unique leggings were made for me! Not only do I feel confident wearing this, I also feel so comfortable too. I thought the fishnet material would feel tight or scratchy but it's quite loose so it's really nice to wear. I like the thought of just lazing around all day while looking goth as fuck while I do it ;)  
Do you like fishnet clothes? let us know in the comments!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Creep Jumper - H&M | Artist Jacket - Forever 21 | Lace Skirt - Forever 21  | Tights - Primark | Creepers - River Island

It's Tuesday, so happy Tuesday everyone! I've been feeling a little low lately - it's just one of those times in my life where I feel a bit lost and I haven't got motivation to do much. It's hard to get out of bed sometimes but I know this feeling isn't permanent. I've just got to take care of myself and give myself lots of TLC! 

I don't know about you guys but my idea of TLC is wearing some bad ass outfits that make me feel amazing. I've found some absolutely amazing clothes recently, one of those being this awesome slogan ''creep'' jumper. The slogan looks so good running down the sleeves - I really want more clothes like this! My mum actually got me this top from H&M (Thanks mum, you're a diamond). I find this top great in this chilly but bright weather.

And look at my fucking incredible denim jacket from Forever 21! The minute I saw this sleeveless jacket in the shop window, I had to get it. Being a girl with creative interests, a massive love of drawing and playing musical instruments, how could I possibly not get this jacket with ''artist'' written all over the back!? It was £35 but I know for sure that I'll have this piece for years to come and get a lot of wear out of it. 

Have you found any great denim clothes in the shops recently? Let us know!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

A Touch Of Pink

    Dip Dyed Crop top - Boohoo | Shorts - Primark  | Tights - Primark 

Hello everyone! Sorry for not being as active on the blogging scene lately, life gets in the way sadly. But I'm really pleased that we managed to get some outfit photos today in the lovely sunshine.

 I've been looking for some new Summer clothes recently because we're going on holiday to Greece at the end of April - SO EXCITED. We haven't been on holiday for years and we've only been abroad twice. I think I was too excited daydreaming about my holiday in Greece when I put this outfit on this morning and forgot I was in Liverpool, freezing my ass off despite the bright sunshine.
 I don't have many colourful clothes in the slightest but hey, it's getting warmer (supposedly) and I thought I'd embrace some more colour in my life! Introducing this gorgeous pink and white crop top from Boohoo! This was only £4 so it was such a bargain! The material is lovely, it's a great fit and I love the hint of pink as it's not too over whelming for a girl like me that doesn't wear much pink at all. I can see myself chilling in this cute top all Summer - hopefully minus the big black woolly jumper like I'm wearing over it now!

These shorts. These adorable lace trimmed shorts were just £12 from Primark and I absolutely love them. I think sometimes plain denim shorts can be a little boring but the lace on these beauties adds a little more detail and sexiness to any outfit which I love of course! I think this outfit shows that you don't have to spend loads of money on Summer clothes. You can't buy style - it's how you pair your clothes together that matters! 

Have you found any Summer bargains?

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mini Collection Haul

Hi everyone, we have a lovely Spring inspired beauty haul for you all today. It's only a small haul but it was a very successful one! Collection has always been one of my high street brands. I find that Collection tends to go unnoticed because it's so cheap and with other brands like Maybelline and L'Oreal to compete with it can be hard for a brand to compare. However, I've picked up these bargain buys from Collection and I have to say that they're some of the best products I've bought for a while! 

Collection Primed and Ready Correct and Conceal Palette - This small and compact palette caught my eye because how many new colour correcting palettes have been released lately?! there is so much choice! I've never really colour corrected before and I think it can be a bit overwhelming to pick up a palette with 6 shades of greens, lilacs and oranges! But I was curious and this palette only has two colour correcting shades, one setting powder and a normal skin coloured concealer. Green neutralizes redness and blemishes while the lilac corrects yellow tones. This was so cheap at only £3.99! But it really works! and having used Collection's infamous concealer - I had high hopes for the colour correcting shades and it's surpassed all my expectations. It's incredible! I urge anyone who is new to colour correcting to get this palette - it's already a staple of mine! It brightens my whole face up and stays put all day.

Collection Primed and Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser Face Primer - This has witch hazel in it and that alone sold this primer to me. Witch Hazel helps prevent blemishes and is a skin savior in my eyes. What's not to like about that? This primer is amazing and keeps my make up on all day long. It makes my skin so smooth while blurring out imperfections. It doesn't feel greasy, makes my skin matte all day long and does exactly what it says on the bottle. A definite must-have!

Collection Primed and Ready Invisible Setting Powder - A good face powder is a stable in my makeup routine. They're just ready handy to have through out the day and during the warmer months powders keep shiny skin at bay. I got this one because it has Witch Hazel in just like the primer and it's also translucent which I really like. I only need to put this powder on after doing my base makeup and I find that I don't need to touch up through out the day - even with my oily skin! At only £3.99, I'll be getting this again.

Collection Colour Lash Clear Mascara - I don't use this as a mascara because I absolutely love to put this on my eyebrows to keep them in place. I hate it when my brows look messy! But this product has seen an end to my untamed eyebrows. I think that a clear mascara is better than an actual eyebrow gel. Have you guys noticed eyebrow gels come in the smallest tubes ever? I ain't got time for that. At just £1.99 - this is an absolute bargain! This is my new eyebrow go - to so go and check it out!

Collection 7 Day Wear Nail Polish in Touch of Pink - Guys. It's Spring. I needed a lovely light pink nail polish and I found it in this one. It's the most gorgeous baby pink colour. I did need a few coats of this polish for an opaque finish but it hasn't chipped at all - even with my guitar playing! I recommend this shade to everyone and Collection nail polishes in general are incredible!

As you can tell from reading this post that me and Rachel are massive fans of Collection makeup. Are you a fan of their products too? Let us know!


Friday, 24 March 2017

State Of Mind

    Black Cotton Shirt - H&M | T-shirt - Forever 21 | Fishnet Tights - Primark 

First of all I'd like to say that IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE SPRING! I am so excited about it being warmer. Spring is such a beautiful season. We have more sunshine, warmer weather, everything is alive again, the flowers & new life and of course Easter! But want to know the real reason why I'm so excited for Spring? New clothes. Yes, that's right. A new season brings an abundance of pastel shades, crop tops, short skirts and denim jackets. I'm in my element! It's a relief to get out of the hats and bulky coats. 

And just look at this complete babe of a top I'm wearing. It's a top I've always dreamed of wearing because it's the ultimate hippie/boho piece of clothing. Oh, it's so 90's too!  It's such a gorgeous tie dye - pastel pink and blue are fast becoming new favorite shades of mine. Not to mention the really awesome slogan too. It's a weird little smiley face that reminds me of Nirvana and the words 'State of Mind'. I absolutely love it and the words mean a lot to me too. 
The fabric of this top is sooo soft. I find that all the tops from Forever 21 are super soft cotton and it just feels incredible. I can see myself wearing this top non stop through out the Summer. It's still a bit chilly so I've got my lovely black long sleeved top from H&M on underneath for extra warmth. I've got my amazing denim shorts on from Primark and my beloved fishnets on for added sassiness! 

Do you like the tie dye trends?

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Black Velvet & Motorhead

Black Velvet Dress - Vintage | Fishnet Tights - Primark | Boots - ASOS 

This little dress has been in my wardrobe for four years now! I love this dress so much, I have it in three different colours! One thing I always think about when buying new clothes is, "will i still be wearing this in a few years time?" I think it's important buying clothes that last as whats the point in buying a dress and wearing it a few times? Saying that though, I am guilty of buying soooo many clothes and forgetting what I have in my wardrobe hehe.

What do you think of the fluffy cuffs? They're so cute aren't they! My mum actually sewed the fluff on to give it an extra touch and it's worked so well. DIYing clothes is so fun and makes it personal and special to you! Summer is coming up and I can't wait to start making more DIY clothes!
I think this is one of my favourite looks of this month. I love my fishnets and I am so so so glad that Primark have improved the quality of these babies!

By the way everyone, this lipstick is called 'Motorhead' by Kat Von D. I absolutely love this shade. I got it last year as a present and I can't believe it's lasted me until now. The smell of this lipstick is incredible. The staying power is amazingggg but my only problem is that it crumbled a little and feels a little cakey. Still, I love Kat Von D lipsticks! I am yet to try something else from her beauty range! I might have to try the eyeliner as it feels wrong not to! What do you think of her beauty products?

Do you like the goth vibes from this pretty outfit? 
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