Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January Favourites 2018

One of my favourite posts to write on the blog is monthly favourites! I always find that January is always a easy month to find favourites because of Christmas the month before. Get ready because this post is full of makeup, mainly Urban Decay!

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette - One word; wow. We got this Urban Decay palette for Christmas last month and I think I've used it everyday since! The shades are just beautiful. From vibrant pinks and reds to unusual greens and golds, this palette has got a wide variety of shades. The pigment is absolutely amazing which you would expect from a high end brand like UD. The staying power is also amazing with lots of shimmer and sparkle. The packaging is beautiful and I always love it when my palettes come with a big mirror! I was surprised that it didn't come with the usual Urban Decay eyeshadow brush that usually comes with the Naked palettes but the amount of shades makes up for the lack of the brush. It's pricey but definitely worth the price in my opinion!
Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Highlighter in Sin - This was another present from Christmas and I was so excited to try it because it's been on my wishlist for ages now! This shade is called Sin which is a beautiful pretty shimmery shade but also quite natural. This highlighter applies so well and lasts for so long on my face. The finish is shimmery and not glittery so it's a nice natural glow. For me, highlighter is essential for my makeup looks so this one will definitely be in my makeup stash for a while! The packaging is amazing with the inside of the lid looking like a fishnet pattern. There's no mirror or brush but this highlighter is so special so don't let that put you off!
The Body Shop Frosted Plum Hand Cream - I'm so upset that this hand cream was limited edition for Christmas. The smell of this hand cream is absolutely delicious and makes my hands so soft! It's not greasy like many hand creams and sinks right into my skin. I'm in love with this product and will have to replace it with another Body Shop hand cream when it runs out!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Balm - I suffer with really dry lips especially in the winter but this lip balm has made my lips soooo soft. It's so moisturising and leaves my lips feeling smooth and hydrated all day. This hasn't got a scent to it either so it's for those gals and boys that hate fruity scents. This is also an SPF of 15 which is amazing and will be perfect to take away on holiday in the summer!
Urban Decay Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in 1993 - I am OBSESSED with this lipstick. The minute I saw the shade 1993 I just needed to have it in my collection. The colour is a natural nude and a typical 90s shade lipstick. This shade just finishes of any makeup look and it looks so grunge. It looks perfect with or without makeup. The staying power is amazing and it actually stays on my lips all day long! The pigment is also amazing and can be built up if you wanted it to look less natural. I took a swatch of the lipstick on my lips so you guys can see how it looks but honestly you should try this lipstick and see how amazing it is yourself!
Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine in Rapid Ruby - You can't beat a red nail polish. I bought this on a whim in boots and I'm so glad I did. The Rimmel 60 seconds range has always been one of my favourite nail polish ranges ever because the colours are so gorgeous and pigmented. Two layers of this polish and my nails are dry so fast which is a bonus!

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation in Vanilla - This is my go to foundation! The colour is a light shade which suits my skin perfectly. It's a full coverage foundation but at the same time my skin can breathe and it doesn't feel cakey at all. It's a matte finish so my skin doesn't get oily as much as it usually does which makes me feel so much better about my skin. I love this foundation and can see myself buying it over and over again.
Catwalk by Tigi Camera Ready Spray - I got this for Christmas and I'm in love. I've always been a fan of Tigi shampoos and conditioners so I was so excited to try this spray. I spritz this on my hair after blow drying and my hair is left feeling super soft, lightweight with an amazing shine. I honestly love this spray and will definitely be buying it again when it runs out!

So, that's our January favourites of 2018! Are these some of your favourite products too? 

Sunday, 28 January 2018

You Are We

What I'm Wearing:

I've been loving blogging recently so here we are, with another post! My favourite posts to do are fashion ones. I have a lot of black clothes - a slight obsession I have, perhaps? And being a metal head musician, it's only natural I have many band tops in my collection, right? This one I'm wearing is my newest addition and already my favourite! Bought at a While She Sleeps gig, which was seriously mind blowing, fun and insane, I had to get a band top to keep as a memento from one of my favourite gigs.
While She Sleeps really do the most gorgeous, creative merch so I was a bit spoilt for choice.. but I obviously had the get the top with the dog on it! Albeit looking quite vicious, I love it! I love the use of the bright red writing along the sleeves, in Chinese I think? Regardless of the language, I adore how much thought has clearly gone into this top! While She Sleeps, stealing my heart all over again with their aesthetic both musically and fashion wise! 

These shorts are seriously the cutest shorts I have. They're so cute and I just love the added detail of the frills on the bottom on the hem. They're velvet too (my favourite!) and add a bit of cuteness to whatever outfit I chose to wear.

The boots are from Primark! I know, they're amazingly gorgeous and stylish! Not to mention affordable. It's lovely knowing you can get cheap but gorgeous fashion these days for us poorer folk :P Look at the buckles and zip details! Also, these boots are so comfortable to wear. I pop these on and instantly feel like a 90's grunge queen. 

Have you got any band tops?

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Our Lotus Tattoos

Hey everyone, today's post is all about mine and Leah's most recent tattoos. 
We both wanted Lotus flowers because not only are they pretty to look at and feminine but they also have a very special meaning. Lotus flowers are symbolic of purity of the mind and body. While the roots are buried under the mud, it's flowers blossom on long stalks, floating above muddy waters.
This is my gorgeous lotus tattoo that is placed on the top of my spine. The design is mandala inspired with the dots and thin delicate feminine lines. The actual tattoo didn't take long at all to complete, probably just over half an hour and it didn't hurt much at all! I actually thought that the top of the spine would be so painful but it's been my least painful tattoo to date! I couldn't be happier with this tattoo as it's so  me and looks feminine. Also, having a tattoo at the top of my spine is inspiring me to buy more low back tops to show off my tattoo! - Leah
I couldn't be more excited to get this tattoo as I've always wanted a tattoo on my wrist that went to forearm. The minute I saw the design I couldn't be happier as it's a geometric lotus design that is also mandala inspired with the dots and lines. As this is quite a big tattoo I thought it would take a long time but it didn't at all, probably 40 or so minutes. Not gonna lie, it was painful! It was so worth the pain though because now I am left with a beautiful tattoo that I am in love with! What I love about mine and Leah's tattoo is that they both look like sisters as they're both similar but different. - Rachel

We couldn't be happier with our tattoos as they're exactly what we wanted! The tattoo shop we went to is called Northern Soul in Liverpool and we will definitely be going there again for our future tattoos!

Do you guys have any tattoos?

Monday, 22 January 2018

LUSH Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Hey everyone, remember us? Well, we're back! and what better way to start off our blogging return than with a review on the ever so magical LUSH Unicorn Horn bubble bar? 

So, this was meant to be a birthday present but Rachel gifted it to me early seeing as I've been pretty sick recently (anyone else constantly ill these days?!) and she knew undoubtedly that this limited edition valentines day special would make me feel better! Such a babe, thanks Rach!

Firstly, how cute is this bubble bar? It's almost too pretty to use. Almost. Formulated with relaxing lavender oil and the 'mood brightening' neroli oil which increases serotonin in the brain, which makes us happy! Sounds good right? and this bar smells insanely gorgeous, not too overpowering at all. Also, this bar is packed with a shimmery glitter! Girls (and guys) who the hell can resist some glitter?! For the mystical creature fanatic in me, this unicorn horn is a piece of pure happiness!

All I need to say to is why the hell is this limited edition!? I need this unicorn horn in my life all year round, making my baths perfectly pink and bubbly. This is a must buy for anyone that needs a good pick me up! It's definitely brightened my day up. 

What will you be picking up from LUSH?
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