Thursday, 14 April 2016

Demonia Pentagram Black Canvas Platform Mary-Janes

Firstly I apologize for the amount of dog hairs on my beautiful shoes! Anyone that has a pet knows the struggle of getting pet hair on clothes (in my case, shoes) I tried to get as much dog hairs off my shoes as possible but they just didn't budge!!

Oh well, these shoes speak for themself! I was looking for a pair of alternative shoes and I came across these beautiful shoes on a website called alternative-footwear. These shoes are from a brand called Demonia. I haven't heard of this brand before but I saw these shoes and just needed them in my life!

I love pentagrams and I didn't think i'd have my very own pentagram shoes! These shoes are very high but they are the most comfortable shoes ever and I can actually walk in them! I love the detail. The ruffle lace trim is just so cute and babydoll. The studs are another thing I love about these shoes as it just adds so much detail! Honestly, I can't get over how perfect these shoes are! They are my dream shoes. These shoes are probably the most expensive shoes i've bought it awhile as they are £60 but with all the detail, I can't really complain. I can see myself wearing these shoes for a very very long time! I recommed these shoes to everyone that has a gothic, alternative, babydoll style!

What do you think of these shoes? 
Would you buy any shoes of alternative-footwear?



  1. omg so cute

  2. Ohh, these shoes are so badass! :) They actually look quite comfy too, which is a huge plus. I find that a lot of alternative clothing, especially shoes, falls short in terms of quality and how comfortable it is to wear. These shoes however, are not only gorgeous, they seem to be of great quality, also! <3 Thanks for this review, and I hope you're enjoying your new lovely shoes. <3 Kisses! x x


  3. These make such a statement! So cool

  4. It's nice to see that platforms are making an appearance this spring/summer. Lovely design x

    Beauty with charm

  5. Very cool :)

  6. Those shoes look so cool! They go perfectly with your style.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog


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