Thursday, 14 April 2016

Demonia Pentagram Black Canvas Platform Mary-Janes

Firstly I apologize for the amount of dog hairs on my beautiful shoes! Anyone that has a pet knows the struggle of getting pet hair on clothes (in my case, shoes) I tried to get as much dog hairs off my shoes as possible but they just didn't budge!!

Oh well, these shoes speak for themself! I was looking for a pair of alternative shoes and I came across these beautiful shoes on a website called alternative-footwear. These shoes are from a brand called Demonia. I haven't heard of this brand before but I saw these shoes and just needed them in my life!

I love pentagrams and I didn't think i'd have my very own pentagram shoes! These shoes are very high but they are the most comfortable shoes ever and I can actually walk in them! I love the detail. The ruffle lace trim is just so cute and babydoll. The studs are another thing I love about these shoes as it just adds so much detail! Honestly, I can't get over how perfect these shoes are! They are my dream shoes. These shoes are probably the most expensive shoes i've bought it awhile as they are £60 but with all the detail, I can't really complain. I can see myself wearing these shoes for a very very long time! I recommed these shoes to everyone that has a gothic, alternative, babydoll style!

What do you think of these shoes? 
Would you buy any shoes of alternative-footwear?


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask

I think buying Lush products is always a nice treat! The last face mask that I bought was the cupcake face mask that I absolutely loved. The only thing that puts me off buying Lush is that it's so expensive! This small pot was £6.75! Me and Leah went into Lush yesterday though and decided to treat ourselves to the Love Lettuce face mask!

Like all Lush products, Love Luttice is made with fresh natural ingrediants. I think natural products are the way to clear beautiful skin! Some of the ingrediants in this face mask are lavender oil, honey and almond oil along with 11 more natural ingrediants! I really love this mask as it mainly smells of lavender! I wanted to buy a mask that would reduce the amont of oil on my skin and that was suitable for acne prone skin. Love Lettuce is perfect for reducing sebum thanks to the lavender oil and the honey in this mask also moisturises the skin. This mask is also very exfoliating. After using Love Lettuce, my skin feels and looks cleaner andmuch brighter too! I feel like my skin can breathe again!

I recommend this mask to everyone especially those with oily, acne prone skin! This mask works wonders on my skin and I can see myself buying Love Lettuce again once it runs out despite it being £6.75 which is quite pricey for a face mask. A short but sweet review but I think this mask kinda speaks for itself! Love Lettuce is simply amazing and a must have in my pamper routine!

What is your favourite Lush face mask? 
Would you try Love Lettuce?


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Our MAC Lipstick Collection! Review And Swatches

L-R: Diva, Russian Red, Film Noir, Darkside, another film noir, Spice It Up, Media, Dubonnet, Verve, Gunner, Cyber, Taupe, Sin, Studded Kiss, Spirit
L-R: Diva, Russian Red, Film Noir, Dark Side
L-R: Spice It Up, Media, Dubonnet, Verve, Gunner, Cyber, Taupe, Sin, Studded Kiss, Spirit.
So this is our very first blog post on Leah Rachel Goth! And whats better than coming back into the blogging world with a MAC post? Me and Leah are hardcore lipstick junkies, we have about ten thousand lipsticks in every colour. MAC is probably my favourite brand for lipsticks. Who hasn't got a MAC lipstick in their makeup stash??

Diva: This was one of the first MAC lipsticks I ever bought and it still remains one of my favourites. This lipstick is a burgundy/red shade with a matte finish. It's a really pigmented shade that stays on for hours. I can see myself buying this lipstick again and again and as you can see by my pictures, I am definitely in need of another Diva lipstick!

Russian Red: This was one of our 19th birthday presents. This is a beautiful red shade and it's perfect to wear all the time. Russian red is also a matte lipstick with a creamy texture. This is one of my favourite red lipsticks to wear as it hasn't got any orange or pink tones in it.

Film Noir: I think Film Noir is one of my favourite lipsticks ever! I love this shade as it's a dark brown with reddish undertones. Film Noir has a satin finish so it stays on for a few hours before it wears off. I think its also a really really really pigmented shade! This one is definitely a shade for girls that love the darkside of life!

Darkside: This is such a beautiful lipstick. This is a lustre and I hate the finish of this lipstick as it doesn't stay pigmented at all and it doesnt stay on all that long either. I probably wouldn't buy this lipstick again just because it doesn't stay on which is a shame as I love this shade.

Spice It Up: Another lipstick I wouldn't buy again is Spice it up! Ive tried my hardest to love this lipstick but it's too light for me and it also stays on for 10 minutes if I'm lucky... Lustre lipsticks from MAC are just not my thing.

Media: I fell inlove with this lipstick when I first spotted it on someones blog last year! This is such a gorgeous lipstick shade and it stays on for a really long time. It's also very pigmented. This is the perfect lipstick for Autumn and Winter as it's a real berry/plum shade!

Dubonnet: I love this lipstick. This is another red lipstick that's a true red. I recommend this lipstick to everyone as it's a gorgeous colour.

Verve: I don't really like nude lipsticks but I absolutely love Verve! It's such an amazing nudish/brown shade. This one is for everyone that loves that 90's look.

Gunner: A limited edition lipstick that I bought last year. I admit that I haven't wore this one much at all but it's an eye catching purple lipstick!

Taupe: I think this is probably the most nude I would go with a lipstick. I love wearing this lipstick when I have lots of eye makeup on and I want a more natural lip look.

Sin: This is my favourite lipstick ever! I got this for my birthday this year and it's probably the lipstick that I've wore most of this year already!

Studded Kiss: This one is basically Diva lipstick but it's more of a red shade. I love this lipstick, it's one that I'll always have in my MAC stash.

Spirit: Another one of my nude lipsticks that I love wearing. This lipstick looks so pretty and really natural with a hint of a nude brown tone that looks really beautiful.

So thats mine and Leah's MAC lipstick collection! 
What MAC lipsticks do you have in your makeup bag? 

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