Thursday, 18 May 2017

Makeup Must Haves - L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara!

I always get so excited when I see hight street brands releasing new products. The minute I saw L'Oreal's latest mascara offering, Miss Baby Roll, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The name of this mascara had my attention at first. Miss Baby Roll? What does that even mean? Nevertheless, Baby Roll sounds rather adorable but I don't think the name tells you much about the product. Miss Baby Roll comes in four unique and exciting colours! There is plain old black and there is also a waterproof option in black for us classic makeup loving girls. The shades Bright Teal, Indigo and Liliac are for more daring and bold makeup lovers. I got my Baby Roll in black.

First of all, the packaging is simple but cute. Packaged in a black tube, the black mascara design is accompanied by a gorgeous pastel pink and mint lid. The colour theme of each shade is unique to each mascara so for instance, if you get the shade Teal, the packaging is teal and pink! It's so pretty, I'm considering going out of my comfort zone to buy the Indigo. The wand is different for the standard mascara, it's more rounded and L'Oreal describes this as a ''roller brush''!

Now, onto the product! I'm going to jump right into this and say that this is probably one of the best mascara's I've used. L'Oreal never let me down with their mascara offerings and Miss Baby Roll has lived up to my very high expectations! A few coats of this baby and my lashes literally look false. Doing my bottom lashes is just the best with this mascara wand because even my lower lashes look really long and separated. The formula doesn't clump so you don't get the dreaded 'spider legs eyelashes'. This mascara is for anyone that wants their eyelashes to look super long and curled. The mascara is super black too so that's always an added bonus!

The verdict - Long, curled eyelashes that LAST. ALL. DAY!

I'm already nearing the end of my Miss Baby Roll, it seems to have run out quite quickly which is a bummer. It costs £7.99 but Superdrug have a 2 for 3 deal on L'Oreal products at the moment so ladies, we all know where we're going this weekend!

What is your favourite mascara? Let us know in the comments! 
Thank you for reading guys!


  1. Whaaaaaaat?! I've never seen this mascara before! It made your eyelashes look so thick and voluminous xx

    1. It's sooooo good Bernice! Definitely check it out if you can :) x x x

  2. Wow your eyelashes look amazing, if you hadn't said it was a mascara post I'd swear they were fake. I'm going to have to make this my next mascara, thanks for the tip!

    Amy -

    1. Wow, thank you so much Amy! I've always wanted long lashes so this is the best comment ever! xxx

  3. your eyelashes look great! I'll need to check this out :)

  4. Your lashes look insane! I used L'Oréal for mascara for so many years and I decided to try higher end brands and have been thouroughly disappointed. I'd go back to L'Oréal if I hadn't started doing lash extensions!


  5. I've been searching for a new mascara, this one sounds fab!
    liv xx


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